EMSI extends best wishes and a happy retirement to Wayne Fields (President), Joan Ketchum (Administrator), and Mona Ketchum (Bookkeeper).  Wayne founded EMSI in 1989 and with his leadership and vision, built a successful business through honest, reliable, and loyal relationships in the industry and our community.  Joan has been with EMSI since the very beginning and was the backbone of the company for 30 years.  We will miss you all tremendously and wish you all the best!

EMSI congratulates Jim Gallagher on becoming the new president and we look forward to growing under his leadership.  We also want to congratulate and welcome Keith Workman for joining the EMSI team.  Keith will be our Outside Sales Rep for Central and Southwestern Virginia.  We want to recognize and thank Sherry Hahn for 18 wonderful years and look forward to her guidance and support as Administrator for both EMSI offices.  We would also like to congratulate and thank Bobby Maxwell for being an essential part of EMSI’s success for the past 15 years.

Please visit our updated Manufacturers page for our latest product/service offerings and we look forward to working with you soon.

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