Factory and Field Assembled Cooling Towers, Closed Circuit Coolers, Evaporative Condensers, and Dry Cooling/Air Cooled Condensers

Closed Circuit Fluid Coolers and Evaporative Condensers featuring Copper Coils

Automatic, Self-cleaning, Pre-engineered Packaged Filter Systems

Expansion Tanks, Buffer Tanks, Storage Tanks, Air Separators, Chemical Pot Feeds and Glycol Makeup Packages

Packaged and Engineered HVAC, Domestic Booster, Rainwater Harvesting, Irrigation, and Municipal Pumping Systems

AccuTherm Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers for HVAC Applications

Stainless Steel liquid filters/strainers and disc filtration.

Custom heat exchanger coils, fluid coolers, and remote air cooled condensers for OEM and replacement markets

Pre-Engineered and Pre-Insulated Piping for Steam, Condensate, Chilled/Hot Water, Containment and Compressed Air Systems

Metal Expansion Joints, Ball Joints, Metal Hose, and Venturi Flowmeters

Flowmeters, Control Valves & Valve Positioners, Differential Pressure & Advanced Technology Pressure Transmitters, Temperature Transmitters, and Steam Quality Measuring Devices.

Flowmeters for Liquid, Steam and Gas. Inline and Insertion Style Meters. Vortex, Rotor, Ultrasonic and Magnetic technologies for pipes sizes 1" and larger.